About Us

Who We Are

We at UnitedWeCurl came together in a time of need, to commune, to heal, and to advocate for change in the face of racial injustice. The murder of George Floyd revealed to the world what our group already knew, that racialized people in society live under constant fear for their safety, under threat of violence and legacies of oppression.

2020 Changed Our World

Our emotions surfaced in frustration, in anger, but also in hope. We saw an opportunity to share our voices to echo throughout the spaces that we occupy and demand action to dismantle systemic racism in our society and in our sport.

Tragedy may have brought us together, but it is passion and hope that fuels our drive for the future at UnitedWeCurl. It informs actions and practices that express compassion, empathy, and humanity produced by working together. It is a state-of-being we want share to ensure that this world is for us all, by us all.

Opening Up Curling For All

People often speak of a special feeling in curling. A feeling of welcome held in the faces that greet you when you enter, in the exchanges of “good curling” as a sign of respect of our opponents, and in the comradary exhibited after the game. It is held in a common experience out on the pebbled ice. and embraced by the community formed around it.

Our Story

Sadly, that feeling isn’t shared by everyone. As welcoming as the sport claims to be or appears on the surface, racialized and marginalized persons do not always feel that their presence or their very being is valued or wanted in curling. 

Making Sport Safer

At UnitedWeCurl, our goal is create safe spaces for those who have not experienced that special quality, where they can see themselves and express their entirety with the empathy and caring of a supportive community. We want to ensure everyone’s experience matches those feelings of fun, joy, and social bonding free of discrimination due to race, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender expression, ways-of-being or any other subjectivity used as a means to dehumanize, subjugate, oppress, or Other an individual or group. We believe in fostering a passion for the game playing the sport we love: to connect and learn about each other, and elevate curling to new heights.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) frames our actions to drive awareness, advocacy, and change in curling. We serve as champions for racialized and marginalized persons, elevating and amplifying their stories to be heard by a wide audience. Our partnerships and programs reflect a commitment to change the face and space of curling that we all seek.

Transforming the World Through Curling

Sport is about working together to elevate the best in us, rising above our differences, and challenging ourselves to reach new heights. Our team shares that passion and embodies a dream where curling represents everyone as a truly welcoming space where we all belong.

Our Board of Directors

Sabena Islam


“UnitedWeCurl allows me to combine my passions for social justice, combating racism and Islamophobia, and the sport of curling. Through this platform and collaborative relationships with inspirational individuals and organizations, I aspire to utilize curling as a catalyst for positive societal transformation.” – Sabena Islam

Brittany Tran


“My passion for curling, love for the community and belief that every individual, regardless of their backgrounds, should have equal opportunities to participate drive me to help make the sport a better place every day. Curling brings me immense joy, and I want to share that joy with others.” – Brittany Tran

Richard Norman


“May 25th, 2020, was a difficult time and brought such emotions to the forefront. For me, UnitedWeCurl was a way to channel that rawness, good and bad, into action. As a group, we want substantive change in the world mobilized through a common goal to make things better for racialized and marginalized people in sport and society. UnitedWeCurl is our vehicle to make a true difference and transform our world.” – Richard Norman

Our Members

Andrew Paris


Deb Martin


Greyden Yee Louison


Erin Flowers

Founding Partner

Calissa Daly

Member / Social Media

Shannon Kleibrink