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We are committed to exploring the issues of systemic racism, discrimination, and other social justice issues beyond sport.


To privilege underrepresented to foster multiplicity of perspectives, and to intentionally design our processes to enable the unique talents of everyone in our group


To be proactive and intentional in our approach of raising social justice to the forefront of mind. This includes disrupting existing to change towards equitable practices for all.


To reshape structures from the ground up where all peoples’ values, beliefs, perspectives, and ways-of-being construct an expression of stewardship where we all belong.

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Help UnitedWeCurl change the face & space of curling.

We are a committed to action, change, and social justice.

Learn more about our broom initiative with Goldline Curling.

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I simply think of myself as a crazy fangirl who just can’t get enough when it comes to curling. It’s clear to everyone who knows me and my wife,

Charlotte, that curling is a HUGE part of our lives.Being invited to participate in the #UnitedWeCurl initiative and to play a part in challenging what we have come to expect when we think of curling is an unbelievably humbling honor. I know first-hand how impactful representation is and the idea that this is a conversation our community seems ready and willing to have just lights me up.

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Changing the Face & Space of Curling

Curling continues to be difficult for people who have been “Othered” by our society to safely participate and feel that they belong in the sport. In particular, the challenges facing racialized individuals serves as an exemplar of how dominant cultures erase the needs of disenfranchised persons entering into and belonging in sport.

We are committed to changing that narrative.

UnitedWeCurl’s Broom Project

Learn more about what started it all. We talk to our amazing ambassadors about their designs and what brought them to life

Meet Our Ambassadors – Deb, Greyden, and Andrew
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