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Transforming the World Through Curling

Designing Representation That Matters

The UnitedWeCurl broom initiative launched by Goldline engaged Black and Indigenous curlers (Andrew Paris, Deb Martin, & Greyden Yee Lousion) to design brooms to respond to the killing of George Floyd and outcry for social justice.

The goal of the brooms was to bring attention to issues of racial diversity in curling and “to begin a conversation” around why racialized persons face barriers to access, participation, and feeling they belong in the sport. 

The designs created by Deb and Andrew pay tribute to specific aspects that celebrate Black communities across Canada, Black joy and achievement in North America. Greyden’s design incorporates art work from his home reserve in Saskatchewan, Indigenous traditions and cultural symbology, and his own family’s pride in Greyden being part of the world of curling.